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I’m currently obsessed with a restaurant in Salt Lake City called The Copper Onion. I’m actually so obsessed with this place that it could just be my favorite restaurant in the US right now. If it’s not, cause we’ll I’d have to think long and hard about all the restaurants I’ve been too and looking forward to going to in the USA to really say that for sure (and I can’t be bothered)… So I’ll leave it as, The Copper Onion is ONE of my favorite restaurants in the USA right now.

Why you may ask. Why is it one of my favorite restaurants in the USA? Because it is a mix of just about everything I like in a restaurant.

1. Good food. The food is really good. Hearty, delicious, locally sourced.

2. I love the atmosphere. This restaurant is sort of radical chic (as the hubby calls it) or hipster-ish as the rest of the world now calls it. But its not too much so. It’s not so hipster that if you don’t (well… I don’t) feel out of place cause I’m not wearing clothing from the Salvation Army.

The Copper Onion

Maybe it has something to do with the lighting, but this place is cool enough to have a great night eating and chatting with a group of friends. The last time I was there, it looked like some girls were having a birthday brunch. The Copper Onion is also intimate enough, that I would definitely deem it ‘date night with the hubby’ worthy.

3. I can eat there alone. As cool as this place is for going there with friends and loved ones, every time I’ve been there I’ve always been by myself. Nevertheless I don’t ever feel awkward. I just prop myself up at the chef’s counter. I’m always so engrossed in watching the kitchen in action that that feeling of “I can’t believe I’m eating here by myself. These people must think I’m a loser” doesn’t set in… I didn’t even have to pull out my iPhone and pretend that I had something very important to do…

Sitting at the counter also gives me enough time to see a few dishes leave the kitchen, making the final choice of what to order just a tab bit easier.

4. The service is good. I swear the waiter did not look at me cockeyed when I asked the brand of the tea and/or if it was loose leaf. And yes it is loose leaf…

5. It’s Affordable! I didn’t say cheap. Cause well, like my dad always said “cheap thing ain’t good, and good thing ain’t cheap”… The Copper Onion has found that happy place in the middle, where you can get an delicious quality meal without breaking the bank.

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The Copper Onion
111 Broadway #170
Salt Lake City, Utah
Tel. +1 (801) 355-3282
11:30am (10:30am wknds) – 3:00pm, 5:00pm – 10:00pm
The Copper Onion Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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