Sweet Breakfast Bruschetta


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Sweet Breakfast Bruschetta - flirtyfoodie

I’ve sort of become a Food52 junky and their bi-weekly contest. There most recent contest was for the Best Weekday Breakfast Recipe. I decided to make this sweet breakfast bruschetta, because it’s quick and easy enough to make during the week (I mean who needs any additional morning stress), but special enough for your weekend brunch. Below is my introduction to the recipe, as visible on the Food52 website


One of the best things about living in Italy, is gaining an appreciation of simple/simply beautiful food. Here quality reigns, and when dealing with quality goods, its best to let their taste and beauty shine. This is my twist on the simple typical eat at home Italian breakfast “pane, burro e marmellata”, substituting the burro for mascarpone.

I opted for strawberries because the season has just started here in Italy, and the market is filled with the sweet succulent fruit. The proportions are the ones I liked most, but spread on as you like and keep it simple.

Sweet Breakfast Bruschetta - flirtyfoodie


slice baguette or similar Italian bread, about 1/2 inch thick
1 slice Tuscan Bread, about 1/2 inch thick
1.5 tbsp mascarpone
2 tsp strawberry jam (Rigoni di Asiago of course)
2 fresh medium strawberries, sliced
lemon wedge

Makes 1 bruschetta. Total time: 10 minutes, maybe less


Lightly toast bread on grill or in toaster oven. Spread mascarpone onto warm bread, followed with strawberry jam. Top bruschetta with fresh sliced strawberries and a pinch or two of lemon juice.


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