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dining table bw thanksigiving all'italiana

Thanksgiving is coming! Thanksgiving is coming! People I am super duper excited.

Why do I love this holiday so much you ask? Because it’s a time for people to get together with their loved ones. And it’s a holiday about giving thanks. It doesn’t matter what color, creed or anything else you are.

In honor of one of my most favorite holidays of the year my friends and I had an impromptu Thanksgiving Dinnner – all’italiana.

glassware tablesetting thanskgiving all'italiana

I’m calling it all’italiana (Italian style) because we’re in Italy. Since I got to oversee the menu, I decided that we were going to mix a few traditional Thanksgiving dishes with a few typically Italian ingredients and/or modes of preparation.

My dear friend “C” was kind enough to let us host the event at her distinctly vintage Italian new-old home. New because she just moved in a few months ago. Old because the apartment is in an incredibly well maintained turn of last century building, and still features many original details. She, a beautiful young woman with an old spirit, has been collecting intriguing pieces over the years in anticipation of the big move.

tablesetting thanksgiving dinner all'italiana bw

Between the fact that I decided the night before that we were having “Thanksgiving dinner” (impromptu meaning we purchased the turkey around 10am the morning of the party) and a few other pesky circumstances, we were forced to keep it simple. The menu looked something like this

Antipasti misti
(including frittata, crudite, salami, olives, breadsticks, chips etc)
Farm to Table Pumpkin Risotto
Citrus Italian Herb Roasted Turkey
Mixed Green Salad
Apple Tarte Tatin
(because the store had run out of apple pie)
Organic red and white Italian wines
Amaro del Capo
Italian Espresso

Okay, so while there was an abundant array of things to eat, this was the EASIEST, LEAST stressful thanksgiving dinner I have ever been involved in.

glassware thanksgiving dinner all'italiana

There was like only four things that actually needed cooking: the frittata, the risotto, the turkey and the apple pie. “C” made a delicious frittata as she describes using up stuff she had in the fridge. The risotto and turkey was a collaborative effort. But the hands on time was actually quite minimal. And one of my new friends (that I meet at the dinner party) purchased the pie. I usually am pretty against that but he insisted. And you know what it was darn good.

antipasti misti - appetizers

So my advice for a stress free, family and friends celebrating Thanksgiving (all’italiana or not) is buy a whole bunch of stuff that it actually makes sense to buy ready made. Because really no one actually expects you to make your own crackers or your own home smoked sausages. Combine that with a few simple and delicious homemade dishes cooked with quality ingredients that you can cook or prep in advance and you are officially set…

Ready to begin the holidays with a happy bang! Ready to

Feed Your Love!


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