#SaveRummo: lending a helping hand by buying a delicious pack of pasta.


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Rummo Pasta Selfie

The town to Benevento and surrounding areas have recently been hit by torrential rains leading to widespread flooding, leaving about 1,500 people without homes and jobs.

Amongst those hit is the pasta maker Rummo. Much of their machinery washed away or filled with mud, and pasta that was ready for shipping was destroyed.

Which is how the #SaveRummo hastag was born, encouraging people to go out and buy Rummo pasta and publish their photos on social media. Therefore helping the company to: gain awareness, move product off of shelves and continue to employ the people in the area that are dealing with the effects of the storm.

Rummo Pasta Selfie

Yep, that’s me and Rummo, in the picture I’m going to share on social media. I don’t usually do selflies, but I figure it’s for a good cause. I also went out and bought three more packs.

I first discovered Rummo pasta just a few months ago. It was on sale at the supermarket and the liked the packaging, usually more than enough to get me to try something new.
pasta rummo - 3 packs
I tried the pasta and actually loved it.

In fact, just a few days ago I made and posted a picture of a dish I made with Rummo Pasta. I just didn’t share the producers name at the time.

Rummo Pasta al Pomodoro
You know how people are always saying that pasta has to be eaten al dente? But what ends up happening is that people over cook the pasta. (Bad) Or even worse (in my book at least) is that people under cook the pasta giving it a strange crunch and leaving the white line in the middle when you bite into it. (Yuck!)

Anyways, Rummo with its 160 years of pasta making history has managed to produce a pasta that’s really really really hard to over cook. It stays pleasurably al dente. (Just right)

From the website it seems they are able to achieve this result thanks the careful selection of just the right durum wheat, special machinery, and time.

Rummo Pasta - Taking Time
They also have egg pasta, wholewheat, organic, and gluten free lines. So they have just about every type of pasta lover covered.

All this to say that you guys can go out an buy a kick butt awesome tasting pack of dry pasta and help people in need.

Click on this link to find a list of stores that sell Rummo Pasta in your area. http://www.pastarummo.it/it/store-locator.

You can also check out the initiative on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/858013070963026/.

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