Relaxing in Brera (Milan, Italy)


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Via Brera sign

To say this past year was emotionally and physically trying would be kind of an understatement. Fortunately, in the process, I’ve learnt a tremendous amount of things, including how important it is to sit back, relax, and enjoy quality time with friends and family.

Yes. I know we all know how great and important that is. But how often do we actually let ourselves do it, truly enjoy the moment without worrying about all of life’s obligations from the business meetings to the dirty laundry?

Recently, I’ve had two absolutely lovely “enjoy the moment” moments in the Brera area of Milan.

Days where I sat back, had a meal, tea, a glass of wine, a gelato while talking about everything and nothing with friends.

Here are some pictures of those precious moments in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Milan.


Fishbar de Milan. Informal seafood restaurant
Fish Bar - Brera - Menu


One of the main tourist streets in Brera
Brera - sidewalk restaurants

Bioesseri. Organic restaurant and cafe


Sign in front of a pretty flower shop
au nome de la rose - brera


Pinacoteca di Brera. Art Musuem
Brera - Accademia


‘Solis silos, to feed on light’ – Art installation at Viabizzuno
Viabizzuno - spices and light

Viabizzuno - Solis silos


Orsorama. Art Gallery. The current exposition is called souvenir d’italie. I’m kind of obsessed.
Orsorama - Milano

Orsorama - clothes


PS. I’ve just started playing around with city maps. You can check out this on the other maps I’ve created there.

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