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Pisacco Milano - Dining Room

Pisacco could have possibly just become my favorite restaurant in Milan.

The restaurant is the result of a collaboration between an eclectic group of people including an architect, an art collector, a lawyer and a Michelin-starred chef, and it shows.
It’s understated, refined but not stuffy, and the food rocks.

Pisacco Milano - Dining Room 2 - ho fame

The dishes are generally quite simple but made with incredibly high-quality ingredients. Take the Cantabric Sea anchovies, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked cardamom butter appetizer, for example, it really is exactly what it says it is. A few slices of anchovies, a Jerusalem artichoke baked in foil and some whipped butter. Heck! I don’t even usually like anchovies (unless it’s cooked into something else), and had like 5 fillets as toppings to my buttered bread.

Pisacco - Fried Soft Shell Crab

As the main course, I had tempura fried soft shell crab, DELICIOUS. It was one of the specials of the day and an ingredient I had been craving like a pregnant woman for days.

Pisacco - Food

The hubby had a hamburger and the friend that came with us a beautiful salad followed by gorgonzola ravioli, mussels, sweet potato, and brussels sprouts. I didn’t try it. He said it was good. I can say that it was really pretty.

Pisacco - Ho Fame - 2

It also helped that the staff was attentive, courteous and able to answer all the questions my curious foodie mind could come up with. I definitely recommend it!

Via Solferino, 48,
20121 Milano, Italy
t.:+39 02 9176 5472
Hours: 12:00 noon – 3:00pm
and 7:00pm – 01:00am
Closed on Mondays
(Expect to spend about 35€ per person)

Credits. Photos of restaurant from the Pisacco website. Pictures of food and “ho fame” sign by me.
Pisacco Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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