Patara Restaurant: Fond Memories vs Unexpected Surprises


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Someone is accusing my ex, Mr. Big, of being involved in an international ponzi scheme.

A few months ago, one of the blog readers asked me “So what happened to Mr. Big?” I thought, what did happen to Mr. Big? It had been so long since I had last heard from him or even thought about him. What could I possibly write?

And then I went to London…

It was my first time visiting London since getting married to someone else. Part of me wanted to see Mr. Big but I knew that my husband who be terribly upset if I did. I also know that I’m a horrible liar and somehow/someway he would find out (even if he was hundreds of miles away). So I decided to do the next best thing, Facebook “stalk” him.

I looked him up amongst my friends, and he wasn’t there! OMG! Did he have the audacity to “unfriend” me. Next step, look up his general Facebook profile. That too didn’t seem to exist. I guess he had deleted his account, and had not singularly “unfriended” me. My ego was restored!

So I googled him.

And that’s when I found it! A personal blog stating that Mr. Big was the mastermind behind a ponzi scheme.

I was in shock, awe, disbelief. Granted, I don’t know if any of it is true. For his sake and the memory of the person I knew him to be, I pray that it’s not…

With all that said, this post is dedicated to him.


One of the last restaurants I remember visiting with Mr. Big was “Patara“. This upscale chain of Thai restaurants has four locations in London. I remember him meeting me at the hotel after work. We rushed off to the restaurant with me in awe with all the sound and movement around me.

The restaurant had a fairly normal facade that opened up to a chic modern interior with Thai accents. The food was deliciously fragrant.

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