‘Outside Talk Did Not Make a Difference But..’: Shubman Gill Opens up on His ‘Biggest Disappointment’ During His Poor Form

Shubman Gill came back in the runs since his century at Vizag against England. (AP)

Shubman Gill came back in the runs since his century at Vizag against England. (AP)

Shubman Gill opened up on his disappointments during his lean patch and talked about what went differently comparing his time in Vizag and Rajkot.

Indian batter, Shubman Gill opened up on his lean patch where he struggled to score runs for the team and came under the scanner for his poor performances which led to widespread criticism of his selection in the Test format.

Speaking at the press conference ahead of the fourth Test at Ranchi, Gill revealed that his biggest disappointment during the bad run of form was the high standards he had set for himself as a player.

Gill said,” It is a bit tough (living up to his expectations). When people from outside talk about all those things (his bad form), it did not make much difference to me. But the expectations that I kept on myself made me a bit disappointed”.

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The batter has been a mainstay in the Indian team across all formats and he revealed that there was no change in mentality during this difficult period and expects the same level of quality from himself.

“You will have some expectations on you as to how you want to play for the team, the country. But I don’t think that has changed my mindset. I still have the same set of expectations for myself,” he added.

This was further highlighted by adding that he would not have done things differently in hindsight, looking back to his innings in Vizag and Rajkot. But the only difference was the situation in which he came in to bat.

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“I would not have played any differently even if I was feeling any calm or composed (in Vizag). But definitely, what I was feeling at Vizag was a bit different from what I was feeling in the earlier matches for India (in terms of the match situation),” Gill commented.

“But in Rajkot, the situation was different, we were in a very good position, leading by some 300 runs. So, keeping that in mind, it was a much calmer and composed innings,” said Gill.

The 24-year-old sees the ability to keep moving forward for the next obstacle as the key point of difference between any other player and a world-class player.

“It is all about how you can forget them (the bad moments) and move on quickly and be ready for the next challenge. That is the difference between a big player and an average player,” Gill mentioned.

After coming back into his groove, Gill will hope to continue delivering with performances and help India clinch the Test series against a tough England side who are proving to be a difficult opposition.

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