Our Honeymoon Part II – Things are finally looking up


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The next day the sun greeted us bright and early with the promise of a better day. We took a shower in “Duck and Trout’s” moldy bathroom. I’m happy to say neither of us walked away with a foot infection…

From there we made our way to the “Old Transvaal Inn” for breakfast. It was so nice to have a good warm meal! FINALLY! The Inn offers traditional English style breakfast with eggs, beans, bacon plus a few extras like waffles.

Courtesy of Foursquare.

Courtesy of Foursquare.

I ordered the Trout Breakfast: potato cakes, poached eggs and smoked trout, which was a welcomed slight departure from the ordinary. Add orange juice and tea and the per person total was like R60. Cheap and yummy, definitely looking up!


From there we started on the road. The route from Dullstroom to our hotel was breathtakingly beautiful in that stark isolate kind of way.

Burnt fields in highlands outside Dullstroom
Burnt fields in highlands outside Dullstroom

Along the way we made a brief stop for lunch in a restaurant called “The Wild Fig Tree” in Sabie. The waiters were good: professional, attentive, but very reserved. The verdict is still out on the food though. I think we just ordered the wrong things. I asked for the smoked trout salad with avocados. (Look, it’s not like you can find smoked trout like any and everywhere… ;-)) The avocados were ripe and the smoked trout yummy. Unfortunately the whole thing was swimming in mayo, and well I only like mayo in small quantities. The hubby ordered smoked trout with a side of vegetables. The quality of the food was good but the green beans were undercooked. This restaurant has pretty good reviews for its wild meat. Unfortunately it wasn’t offered on the printed lunch menu. And the good (not great) waiter forgot to tell us about their daily specials. There is also a store attached to the restaurant offering not your run of the mill tourist items like local artwork, handcrafted bags, and cooking supplies with an African twist.


Photos of The Wild Fig Tree, Sabie
This photo of The Wild Fig Tree is courtesy of TripAdvisor

From there we were back on the road again. I was thoroughly enjoying the view. All the while day dreaming about Vuyani, where as far as I was concerned our honeymoon would finally begin.


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