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I love the concept behind the sharing economy. So much so that I’ve been thinking about doing my own home restaurants for over a year now. But then life happens, which in my case meant I inexplicably couldn’t stand long enough to make myself a meal, much less make a meal for a group of people. (I’m better now. YEAH!!!)  During those months, I had lots of time to think of like three gazillion other things you’d like to do. (LOL). I’ll let you all know once I’ve decided. đŸ˜‰

So for the time being, I’ve limited myself to attending my first home restaurant/shared economy/having a meal at the house of a complete stranger experience. I did it in conjugation with the launch of Withlocals in Italy, where they were offering free experiences to the public and bloggers alike.

My chef friend, Vanusa, and I chose to have the meal at Marco’s house.

Marco and Vanusa

It was a great choice. He was absolutely FANTABULOUS! A GREAT HOST. Marco’s intelligent, interesting and intriguing person. (He even self-taught himself English!).

He very warmly and graciously welcomed us into his home. Moments after arriving we had a glass of chilled Prosecco in our hands. The table was set with a platter of artisanal speck. Perhaps the best speck I have ever tried in my life. From there we had several Northern Italian dishes: pizzoccheri, sausage, fondue of fontina cheese, wild porcini mushrooms, panettone. Everything was incredibly delicious. The polenta was also one of the best polenta I’ve had in my life, cooked for an hour in a copper pan as tradition would require.

I ate so much that night that I was still full the next morning. (And, I like never do that!)

Plus, it’s wasn’t just the quantity of food that we ate, but also the quality, passion, and knowledge that Marco puts into the meal. He takes an effort to source great ingredients from small producers.


The speck was from a small producer, La Casa Largher, that ages their speck in a cave that has been used for aging meat for at least 500 years! They even give you the option of adopting a pig. (I’m currently kind of obsessed with this whole pig adoption thing.)

We also had a Riesling by a family run company operating since 1860 called Zanotelli from the Trento region.

The red wine, Rosso del Teo, (obviously I’m partial to the name) and dessert wine was by Ca Biasi from the Veneto region.


Marco’s girlfriend joined us a little later during the evening. She too was engaging, lively, and fun. The interaction between the couple was just another plus to the dinner.

Vanusa and I had a fabulous time at Marco’s house at our first sharing economy/home restaurant experience. I would definitely recommend him to meat eating tourists in Milan or locals looking to meet a cool new person.

The group of us

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