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roberta sala - la fermata

This has been a long time coming. For a while, I’ve been thinking about starting a new section of my blog dedicated to weddings. I love weddings.

My husband once jokingly said I would marry him every year just to throw the party. To be honest—finances and good juju permitting—I would. Anyways, I’ve finally decided to do it: share with all of you some of my favorite wedding locations around Italy. We’ll see where we go from there.

La Fermata - Resort Outside

Can any of you guess where my favorite wedding location in Italy is? None other than the place where my husband and I got married (obviously): La Fermata in Alessandria.

My husband and I are HUGE FOODIES. Therefore, it was of the utmost importance that the food be spectacular at the wedding. Being a Michelin star restaurant, La Fermata, and Chef Riccardo Aiachini, checked that box and then some.

Flirty Foodie - Baccala and Baccala - la fermata


Flirty Foodie - La Fermata - Dining Room

In terms of style, I was also looking for something that incorporated the history that draws almost all of us foreigners to Italy. My husband, on the other hand, wanted something a little bit more modern. La Fermata seamlessly combines the two.

La Fermata - Table detail

La Fermata - Building detail

The resort even has a gorgeous little chapel on the premises. It’s way too small to actually have most weddings, but it was great for taking pictures.

La Fermata - Chapel

La Fermata - Chapel with statues

Another thing we had to take into consideration was logistics. I think people planning destination weddings sometimes forget that. I already had people flying across the ocean to attend the wedding. I couldn’t have them driving another 5 hours to get to our venue. La Fermata is only an hour from Milan and 80 minutes from Malpensa Airport.

We wanted a place that had beautiful yet affordable rooms on the premises. La Fermata ticked that box as well.

La Fermata - bedroom

Finally, there had to be activities near the location that the international guests could take part in. It’s not cool to bring people to the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. Accordingly, La Fermata was strategically chosen for being relatively close to several historic sights and perhaps, most importantly, the Piedmont wine region.

At A Glance
Region: Piedmont – Northern Italy
Capacity: 140 people
Style: Old Meets New

La Fermata Resort
Str. Bolla, 2, 15122 Spinetta Marengo AL
Tel: 0131 618506 – Fax: 0131 617049


Photo credits: Photos taken by me or downloaded from the La Fermata website

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