K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen – Best Cajun Food in New Orleans


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Since we are on the topic of Po’ Boys, it only seems fit that I share with you all where I had perhaps the most delicious oyster po’ boy of my life.

A few years ago, not too long before meeting my husband I dated a guy I’m going to call “Tuna Man”. Now ladies and gentlemen don’t get any funny ideas. Tuna Man did not smell fishy, nor was he a tuna-shaped super hero. Instead, he’s a pretty normal guy with a great job in upper management for a sustainable seafood company.


Courtesy of www.chefpaul.com

Anyways, Tuna Man and I had both had a love for food. He would send me these awesome baskets filled with an array of food delicacies. For a foodie like me, this was almost better than jewelry, almost. After all his years working in the food industry, he also knew just about all the best places to eat. So for the short period of time we ‘dated’, he was my go-to guy for restaurant recommendations. And he always got it right. K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen was one of those places.

Blackened Louisiana Drum – Courtesy of TripAdvisor

Chef Paul Prudhomme and his late wife “K” opened K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen over 30 years ago. The chef (with I’m sure the help of his wife) is widely credit with putting ‘humble’ cajun food on the culinary map. Menu items at the restaurant today may include chicken and andouille gumbo, turtle soup, shrimp and corn maque choux, fried oysters pernod, and classic crawfish etouffĂ©e. Lovingly the offerings change daily to ensure that only the freshest ingredients are used. Their website also boasts that they still don’t have a freezer!

The beautiful building that houses the restaurant was originally built in the 1830’s and retains it classic French Quarter style. The inside of the restaurant is bright and welcoming with and open floor plan and exposed brick wall. Given the higher end, but nevertheless casual American feel to the restaurant, I would say its more of a girls night out kind of place. However, there is also a beautiful little courtyard for a quainter, more romantic experience.


Courtesy of www.chefpaul.com

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