Infidelity Yes, Chicken No… Last Ash Wednesday in Santo Domingo


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Last Ash Wednesdays I found myself in a strange predicament. I was in Santo Domingo with “Juan” (not his real name). Juan was telling me that I shouldn’t be eating meat, all the while trying to get into my pants!

Colonial City, Santo Domingo

Colonial City, Santo Domingo

In my non denominational Christian view of the world there was so much wrong with the situation.
1. I was raised to believe that God doesn’t want us to have premarital sex. (Yes, I have sinned…)
2. Now that I’m married (and no longer living in sin), and I’m pretty sure God only wants me sleeping with my husband.
3. I am not married to Juan.
4. Juan is married to someone else.
5. I’m pretty sure that God only wants Juan to sleep with his wife. Maybe God would be okay with Juan to have wive(s). But I’m not one of them…

Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, Santo Domingo

Cathedral of Santa María la Menor, Santo Domingo

And still he had the audacity to tell me I shouldn’t eat meat because it was Ash Wednesday.  I couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to use the religious angle to try and get into my pants. Which that too is wrong on so many levels!

Maybe Juan has a religion, some sort of Christian sect, where it is okay to cheat on your wife (maybe it isn’t even considered cheating), but it is NOT ok to eat meat on Ash Wednesday. If any of you readers know about said church, please no not hesitate to tell me about it. Inquisitive minds want to know.

Besides being a cheat, Juan is also a pretty intelligent man that had visited Santo Domingo on quite a few occasions. He suggested an awesome restaurant just outside the city center called “Adrian Tropical”.


Deck at Adrian Tropical

Like Juan, ‘Adrian Tropical’ has a split personality. The inside of the restaurant sort of looks like a fast food restaurant with plastic booths and florescent lighting. The outside of the restaurant however is breathtaking. The outside tables are made of natural stone with beige umbrellas offering optional protection from the sun. Part of the restaurant is literally built on the water. I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like to sit on the restaurant’s deck watching a Caribbean sunset with a light breeze flowing through your hair.

As the name suggests Adrian Tropical offers Dominican tropical dishes, like rice and beans, fried plantain, mofongo and fried red snapper. I actually had all of the above and then some, and it was all delicious. With good food and a price of about $15-$25 per person including drink, the restaurant is frequented by both tourists and well to do locals.

                Courtesy of TripAdvisor


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