Honeymoon Part III: Vuyani At Last


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Photo by Kerry de Bruyn


We arrived at the Vuyani Safari Lodge around 4pm having successfully managing not to hit a single impala on the dirt road leading to the hotel. Much of the staff was outside awaiting our arrival with hot towels and warm smiles. I don’t think I had ever been that happy to arrive to a hotel in my life!


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The staff gave us our welcome drinks, offered us a bite to eat, and showed us our rooms. The rooms were all spacious and well appointed. It was just the right mix of distinctly African style with a few modern touches.

Photo by: Kerry de Bruyn

Then they informed us that the next safari was leaving in 30 minutes. Ahh… To safari or not to safari that was the question. (This question was especially tough when considering the 5am wake up calls. For what? For the morning safari, to go see a bunch of animals run around in the dirt. But oddly enough we usually decided that (YES!) we really did want to go see the animals run around in the dirt.)

But on this particular afternoon, considering all the events of the days before, we decided not to safari and to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lodge. The hubby and I sat out by the pool and watched the African sunset. I enjoyed a crisp glass of white wine and he downed a vodka tonic.

Sunset Vuyani Lodge
A few hours later, over dinner we meet the happy band of controlled adventure seekers. They returned with lots of tales of days gone by and the adventures that that night had produced. Specifically, a leopard! That very night of our arrival, a leopard walked right up to and circled the vehicle…  The stories were great, as were the personalities of those involved. Sort of like being at camp (a five star luxury glam camp, where the number staff was equivalent to the number of guests) where everyone sat at one big table and chatted like old friends. Friends from a surprisingly diverse background: from the Londoners who were safari aficionados to the software producing couple from Portland to a few newlyweds like us, and even a young professional traveling by herself.

Vuyani African BBQ

Fortunately, just when you get tired of having dinner with all your new friends. Vuyani organizes a romantic dinner for each individual couple.

Vuyani is an all inclusive lodge. Now this may be a comforting thing for some (nothing to think about once you’re there). But for two huge foodies like my husband and I, it was a potentially disastrous situation. What if the food sucked?

Vuyani - In the Kitchen - low res

Fortunately it was quite good and always very filling. Imagine Sunday dinners at your grandma’s house. Grandma has spent all day cooking up a storm. She makes almost everything from scratch and she knows exactly what each and everyone in the family likes and doesn’t like to eat.

Before our morning safari the table would be set with tea, coffee, cookies, and some fruit. Half way through the safari we would stop for more tea and coffee.

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Back at the lodge we would have breakfast. Each day it varied slightly with some sort freshly made bread, cake, or muffins. Plus the staples of fruit, yogurt, cereal, granola and eggs made to order. High tea was the most informal meal of the day, buffet style. Guests could come and go as they pleased. Then off to the afternoon safari with cocktails and snacks right around sundown. And then back to the lodge where were would wash up and get prepared for dinner. My husband jokingly said they were fattening us up so they could feed us to the animals.

If you all are planning a romantic getaway, feel free to check out their site: http://www.vuyanilodge.com/

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