‘Have Seen Umpires Nursing Hangover’: Manoj Tiwary Flags Concerns Over Poor Standards of Umpiring in Ranji Trophy

Last Updated: February 20, 2024, 22:37 IST

Manoj Tiwary says he'll make his recommendations to the BCCI. (PTI Photo)

Manoj Tiwary says he’ll make his recommendations to the BCCI. (PTI Photo)

Manoj Tiwary recently announced retirement from first-class cricket after playing 148 matches and scoring 10,195 runs including 30 centuries and 45 half-centuries.

Manoj Tiwary has raised serious questions over the standards of umpiring in India’s elite red-ball competition Ranji Trophy. Tiwary recently announced his retirement from first-class cricket, drawing curtains on a storied career that saw him score over 10,000 runs.

The former Bengal captain has recently courted controversy after asking for the Ranji Trophy to be scrapped while being in the midst of a contest and he was subsequently fined.

Tiwary has branded the standard of umpiring in Indian domestic cricket as ‘poor’ and wants BCCI to address the issue.

“Umpiring for me is the main concern,” Tiwary told The Indian Express. “With all due respect, but the standard of umpiring is poor in domestic cricket. The BCCI should think about how they can improve umpiring. It is not about one or two seasons but I have been witnessing this for a number of years now. There are big mistakes but there are some childish mistakes as well.”

Tiwary, who played 12 ODIs and three T20Is for India, then elaborated on his claim. “In one game, an off-spinner was making a particular noise after each delivery. Many bowlers do… it’s like they are putting some energy on the ball and it sounds like ‘uhhhhhhhh’. In this case an off-spinner was screaming ‘noooo’. At first I ignored it but later I saw the bowler was doing it consistently. I went to the umpire and complained but the umpire said he did not hear the bowler saying ‘noooo’,” the 38-year-old said.

“In the same game, the umpire was referring no-ball decisions to the third umpire after each delivery. I asked, “Sir, why are you referring no ball calls to the umpire. He replied, ‘how can I see the popping crease of the bowler? If I watch where the bowler’s foot lands then, I will not be able to see what happens to the ball’.” At times umpires can’t hear a batsman nicking the ball, but everyone at the ground has heard it,” he added.

Tiwary then further claimed to have seen umpires walking in for a match while nursing a hangover and wants them to undergo dope tests like players and said he will definitely make his recommendations to the BCCI.

“If a player has to go through dope tests, it should be extended to domestic umpires. Many times I have seen umpires walking out to the middle while still nursing a hangover. The umpires have looked sleepy. How can he function properly in such a situation?,” Tiwary said.

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