From Duomo to Navigli: The Hipster Tour of Milan #3hMilan


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Terrace - Ostello Bello

Last Tuesday I did a mini staycation all about discovering or rediscovering beautiful locations here in Milan called the #3hMilan Tour.

Created by Valentina from Via Col Viaggio in conjunction with Stamp Travel #3hMilan began at perhaps Milan’s most memorable landmark the ‘Duomo’ and ended at the Mercato Metropolitano.


It’s a great tour to getting to see lots of Milan’s historic sites and the hipster “Williamsburg” vibe to the city. (If you are looking for a more fashionista tour it’s best to head to the area just north of the Duomo – Via Montenapoleone, Brera and Corso Como).

After leaving Plaza Duomo we went to San Satiro church which is right off of Via Torino, one of Milan’s most popular shopping streets. I had passed in front of this church about a gazillion times without ever going in. I’m glad I finally did. Interesting little fact, the detailed arch at the very back is just a very well executed optical illusion.


Satiro Church - Milan


From there we went to Ostello Bello, considered by many the best hostel in Italy. It’s pretty easy to understand why.


Terrace - Ostello Bello


Next stop was the San Lorenzo’s columns and San Lorenzo’s church. Right around the corner from there but seemingly miles away is the breathtakingly nursery, Vivaio Riva. You can pick up a few plants, organize an event or even have a gorgeous garden wedding in the space.


Photo by Valentina from Via col viaggio

Credit Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’


We then walked to the Sant’Eustorgio Basilica. Historians believe the construction began on the church around the 4th century. It’s a welcomed departure from some other churches in the city for its more sober decor.


basilica sant eustorgio milano


The ladies continued without me to see some graffiti made in Milan on via Santa Croce.


Photo of Giuiia. Credit Valentina from Via col viaggio

Photo of Giulia. Credit Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’


Passing by Porta Ticinese

Porta Ticinese Milano


On to Corso San Gottardo 18 for an excellent example of old style Milanese railed courtyard.

Credit Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’

Credit Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’


And to do a bit of shopping at some of the trendy hipster style shops in the area like Brand-storming.


Photo by Valentina from Via col Viaggio

Credit Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’


I rejoined the group just in time to grab a bite to eat and a few drinks with the ladies at the newly opened urban market Mercato Metropolitano.


Mercato Metropolitano - Free Conversation


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Photo by Valentina from Via col viaggio

Photo by Valentina from ‘Via Col Viaggio’


Let me know if you do the tour.


These locations on my city maps profile.

Photos by me unless otherwise noted. Map of route by Giulia from Korowai

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