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B&B Chambre de sejour avec vue - outside

I am not being irrational. Right? You agree with me don’t you?

Even if this place is gorgeous? Not wanting to spend our first anniversary in the hotel he visited with his ex of 10 years.

I mean this place has absolutely great reviews. From just about everybody that counts in the travel industry like Conde Nast Traveller plus it came with an awesome price tag.

But he went there with his ex. And this is our anniversary weekend.

Breath…breath … breath… Slow deep breaths…

B&B Chambre de sejour avec vue - outside

So that was me about two weeks before our anniversary. After much ado, I decided that I didn’t want to the stay there. Definitely. If I was stressing that much about it… A few days later I found Hameau de Cournille, and fortunately we were very happy with our stay.

But that didn’t mean I didn’t want to see what I was missing out in. So after a trip to the lavender factory called Les Agneles, I found myself staring into the window of Chambre de sejour aver vue like some peeping Tom.

Just then the owners drove up in a vintage Cintroen 2CV. I thought they were going to be annoyed with me, but quite the contrary they invited me in. The husband giving us the grand tour of the building.

Chambre de sejour avec vue - red room
The B&B was stunning as to be expected, but in the most unexpected way. I would sum up the place up as French Country Hipster Chic.

The ground floor is literally an art gallery featuring artists from around the world. Some of the works included an installation piece of mushrooms climbing up the wall, as if it was a tree trunk. Another was all about construction and lights.

sitting area - Chambre de sejour avec vue
Each room was different. One was a deep red opulently decorated with velvet tapestries. The suite was large, painted in shades of grey. The bathroom featured a large red painting and beautiful antique soaking tub.

The garden a raised ‘terrace’ accessible by crossing a bridge from the second floor. Sculptures big and small dotted the space. A hammock lung lazily in one corner. In another a visiting artist was painting two subjects.

bathroom - chambre de sejour avec vue
We returned to the main building and I noticed that a bottle of red wine and a few glasses awaited someone/anyone needing as sip.

I bid the owner farewell, telling myself our next stay in Provence would be there. The hubby said I had a stupid happy mouth open smile plastered on my face.

Garden - chambre de sejour avec vue*The second and last photographs (the ones without my logo) are from the B&B’s website.

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