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food and love - share your stories

Would you like to share your story of Food and Love on the blog? If so please send me an email with your well written and edited personal essay submission of approximately 1,000 words (or proposal).

Since I decided to google “guest post” most websites suggest I set some guidelines on how this should be done. As far as I was previously concerned the above was suffice. But they say to be explicit so here it is.

– I ask that these be true stories but feel free to let me know if you prefer to use a pseudonyms for publication.

– I will credit the work back to you (as indicated above).

– The content should be original and exclusive for use on this blog, but feel free to build upon past articles if need be

– Feel free to include part of the post or to build up on your submitted article as a separate new post on your own blog

– You don’t have to have a blog etc. to submit an article

– Kindly include at least one photograph that’s correlated to the article, as well as attribution for the photograph.

– Please feel free to add one or two links back to your own blog, website, facebook page etc. Or add a small bio that will be included at bottom of post with links.

– Note that I will add one link referring back to this post

– I will do my best to get back to everyone that submits an essay that I don’t think is spam. If yes, I’ll include an expected date it will go online.

I may want to do some editing to the piece before publishing. I’ll write you first for final approval of modifications

– The plan is to submit about one guest article per month on the blog.

– Please feel free to write me with any questions, thoughts, concerns, clarifications etc.

Send your essays to flirtyfoodie{at}flirtyfoodie[dot]com

food and love - share your stories

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