Escape to Paradise. The Landing Hotel – Harbour Island, Bahamas


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Harbour Island - beach and vegetation

Sometimes you just need to escape.

The why can change. It could be because you live in Massachusetts and there’s seven feet of snow outside your door.

Or you could simply be tired of the lemons life has been sending your way. If you’re like me you very dutifully make the best darn lemonade possible with those lemons. But really sometimes I, you, me, we just needs a break. To sit back and relax…

Harbour Island - Beach and palm tree

… and drink fresh coconut water on a gorgeous Caribbean island
while staying at breathtakingly quaint hotel …

(yes! everyone needs that )

Insert “The Landing” on Harbour Island.

This is what comes to mind when I think of the perfect Caribbean getaway. (hashtag) Paradise.

A shoreline that extends as far as the eye can see. Fine grains of rosy pink tinted sand creeping in between your toes. (The island is famous for its pink sand beaches.)

Harbour Island - palm tree with logo 2

The Landing is a beautiful 12 room boutique hotel that embodies quintessential Caribbean. Built in the 1800s, it features a light grayish white exterior and a porch that wraps around the building with simple white columns and a continuous wooden handrail.

The Landing Hotel - poster bed

The rooms are a perfect blend of tradition and timeless elegance. Many have large dark wood four poster beds with a lightweight fabric canopy.

While I was there I stated in the attic. Pictured below. (It really does look like that in real life.)

The Landing - Attic bedroom

It differs just a bit from the other rooms. But it was so light and bright, I literally get happy just thinking about it.

The landing hotel - bathroom

We spent about five days on the island. And each day, me and my boyfriend at the time were perpetually teased by fisherman pulling in their boats filled with fresh tropical fish and live lobsters. Each day we eat at someplace new. There was the fish shack right off the beach. The red snapper at the hotel/restaurant our friends were staying at. Each dish good but not quite what we were looking for. Finally on the last day, after much insistence on my part, the (ex) boyfriend agreed to try eating dinner at our hotel.

The Landing’s restaurant as it turns out was the best restaurant on the island.

He finally had the succulent whole lobster he had been craving throughout our stay (instead of the lobster pieces he had everywhere else). I don’t remember what I ate. But I remember it was good.

The Landing - Dining Collage 2

The Landing
P.O. Box 190 • Harbour Island, Bahamas
Tel: 242 333 2707 • 242 333 2740  Fax: 242 333 2650

* Photos of “The Landing” hotel are from their website

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