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sexiest man alive-4

Call me superficial but I’m kind of proud of the fact that the sexiest man in the world (you all know I don’t kiss and tell names) wanted to take me to bed.

Granted this is not something I think about all the time. I don’t wake up every morning patting myself on the back about it. It just turns out that last night my best friend saw a movie I had never heard about. Curious I googled the movie and noticed that ‘HE’ was one of the lead actors in the film.

Ironically enough Mr. Sexy and I met when I was enroute to meet my best friend. When he wasn’t nearly as famous as he is now.

I was in my own world waiting for the airplane lavatory. I looked up to see another friend, SB, that I hadn’t seen in like years staring at me. We laughed, we joked and well then SB got a little inappropriate.

Something to the tune of – “Hello there Mr. Hella F*****g Hot!” … “I’m going to sit at his feet, place my head in his lap …” As you all gathered SB is kind of a vocal character but never had I seen him that enamored by another man’s physical appearance.

I turned around to get a look, and I too was struck by the absolute beauty of him. He was certainly better looking than any man I had/have ever seen in real life (sorry hubby). Plus ladies (and gents) he’s even better looking in real life than he is in the photographs.

I don’t want to be sacrilegious so I won’t call him “godly”, but he’s definitely almost there… like a bronze Greek statue, chiseled and tall.

Later on in the flight SB and I went back to the bathroom. This time Mr. Sexy got up out of his business class seat and started talking to us… And well much to SB’s dismay, to me (Yeah! He swings my way!)

At the end of the flight, Mr. Sexy waited for me to get off the plane to give me his number.

We texted back and forth the rest of the day. Mr. Sexy told me about a gazillion times that he was staying at the “W” that I should go meet him there.

I eventually googled Mr. Sexy’s name, finding out that he was a model/actor. (Up until then he was just a ridiculously attractive man.) I also discovered that he was “happily” married.

As you all can imagine that was the beginning and the end of my “relationship” with Mr. Sexy. I never went to the “W”. We never meet again. About a year later I was flipping through a tabloid, and there was his photo. The headlines saying that he was having an affair.

Obviously, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

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