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People who live in Milan know that no one actually goes out in central Milan. For years, the area in and around the Duomo had be relegated as the place where you shop, work and/or eat lunch. With only a few exceptions, by 8pm the locals have vacated the area, leaving the tourists to eat at subpar restaurants with photographs on their menu.

SignorVino - Bar

Courtesy of SignorVino official website

Finally that is changing. One restaurant that is leading the way is ‘SignorVino”, a wine shop, cafe and restaurant, smack in the center of town, with gorgeous views of Milan’s crowning jewel.

This place is loved by locals and tourist alike. Perhaps because the food is solid and the prices are good. Case in point, there are no corking fees. A bottle of wine costs the same whether you take it home with you or drink it at your table. And fortunately once at your table you don’t have to interact much with the host, which can be anything but hospitableā€¦

Courtesy of SignorVino official website

Courtesy of SignorVino official website

It was my friend Sofia* that introduced me to SignorVino.

As we sipped on glasses of wine and enjoyed the aperitivo offered to us, my friend began discussing the problems she was having with her man.

Photos of Signorvino, Milan

This photo of Signorvino is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Disclaimer. Unless a man is physically abusive, I never suggest that a woman leave her significant other. That is a super personal decision best left up to the person(s) in the relationship.

Besides when we women are pissed with our significant other, we tend to make him sound like the lowest of low pieces of trash in the world. Once we have calmed down that same man may again become the best partner in the world. And if I, friend, in that interlude come out and say “Well you know, I never liked him anyway” or “I always though you are way too good for him.” Then I jeopardize my relationship with my friend, once she’s back to being madly in love…

With that said, here was Sofia in full on “I am absolutely fed up with my man” mode. As far as she described it, her man lacks ambition, frequently flirted with other women, had expensive spending habits, and still received a weekly allowance from his parents even though he is well in his 30’s.

I remember listening to her speak, and wondering if having a lazy man is by far the worse characteristic (besides begin abusive) a man you could possibly have. Is a faithful but lazy man worse than a hard working cheater?


*Not her real name… for privacy

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