‘As a Father, I Hope That He is Healthy and Happy’: Shikhar Dhawan on Being Away from His Son Zoravar

Last Updated: February 05, 2024, 19:54 IST

Shikhar Dhawan with his son Zoravar (Source: Instagram)

Shikhar Dhawan with his son Zoravar (Source: Instagram)

Shikhar Dhawan said as a father he only hopes his son Zoravar is happy and healthy.

Shikhar Dhawan recetly revealed that he has not met his son Zoravar after his divorce with Aesha Mukerji.

During an interview with News18 India Chaupal revealed that he hopes whever his son his and whatever he is doing, Dhawan said as a father he only hopes Zoravar is happy and healthy.

“It was just that post. No, I have not spoken to my son. But lie I had mentioned on that post, when I even practising singing or anything, I ask him through telepathy. How he is, what he is doing, just talk normally. Like he is into fighting now, ask him how that is going. How his school is going. As a father I hope that he is healthy and happy,” Dhawan said.

“I feel this situation in my life has taught me how to still be positive. Whatever situation comes in your life, that you feel unsure, always think how to make it into my strength. I try and turn all the situations into my strength and take it positively. I am happy wherever he is and will talk in person when and if he comes. If it happens, it happens else it is okay. I am happy that he is happy there, he must be healthy. That is my only blessing,” he added.

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When asked about he dealt with the ‘bad patch’ in his life, Dhwawan said: “I don’t count it as a bad patch. It has made me very strong. It is a situation and you can name it as a bad patch or a problem. That’s individual choice. I don’t. It’s just a situation and as I said, I try and look at the positive in it.”

“If I am sad today then my tomorrow will also be sad. That is something I don’t want. I want to bring happiness and positivity wherever I go and for that I need to be happy and positive myself,” he added.

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