Al Garghet: The Most Romantic Restaurant in Milan


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Since we are quickly approaching Valentine’s Day, I can’t help but think of Al Garghet. As far as I am concerned it could be the most romantic restaurant in Milan (if I find something that competes you’ll be the first to know).

Located on the rural outskirts of the city just getting there is the beginning of a romantic journey. You’ll have to travel through dark winding roads with lush green vegetation growing on either side. It’s just about 30 minutes from the city center but if feels worlds away.

al garghet - outside
You arrive to a quaint country house with a well cared for flowering garden. Park your car and take the pebbled path up to the house.

The entrance can best be described as the foyer to someone’s home. With a large dark desk set in front of a wood burning fireplace. You can snuggle into one of the arm chairs while waiting for your table or your bill at the end of the meal.

al garghet - desk
From there the gracious host or one of the wait staff while guide you to one of the various rooms within the restaurant. Each has a slightly different decor, but the style is without a doubt an old world country.

al garghet - piano

Every time I’ve been there I could hear the soothing melodies of the piano playing in the background. Always at just the right volume that to allow easy conversation undisturbed.

al garghet - patio

During the warmer months it’s a treat to sit in their garden. Again feeling a world away from the chaos of living in a big city. Nature chirping, clicking, and croaking from a distance.

Obviously, I wouldn’t be suggesting this place if was just looks with no substance. The menu features traditional Milanese and northern Italian dishes, superbly executed using fresh homemade ingredients. One of their most famous dishes is their Cotoletta Orecchia d’elefante, a ginormous portion of breaded and fried veal. It’s okay, you can make up by having salad the following day.

al garghet - menu

Al Garghet
Via Selvanesco 36 – Milano
T. +39 02/534698 – F. +39 02/57407866
Al Garghet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Credits: All photos were taken from the Al Garghet website.

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