A Well Groomed Man for Christmas


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In my mind it was a few days ago, but after looking at the invite I realize it’s actually been weeks now. Whenever it was, it was fabulous. But let me explain.

Chivas Whiskey - Osteria dei Binari
Through a friend I received an invitation to the closing night of Chivas Milano 1909 – Members Club.   Yes you guessed it the final night of a series of event hosted by the Chivas brand of whiskey.

Chivas - Binari

Besides discovering that one of my new favorite drinks is Chivas and Amaretto. I also discovered that I have a new favorite cafe / restaurant / all together incredibly radical chic place to hang out in Milan, Osteria del Binari.

Osteria dei Binari - Milan

This place is literally a whole in the wall. I can’t tell you how many times I had walked by this restaurant and never paid it much attention. But once inside it opens up into a surprising large space that is very reminiscent of the turn of last century Milan. To add to this quirky yet elegant ambiance there was jazz band was playing in central room. In last room a master barber from the “Barbieria Colla” was grooming lucky guests at the event.. Throughout the space there were books, magazines, Chivas products and the new line of products from the “Barbieria Colla”.

Barberia Colla - Binari

Since then I’ve been thinking “now wouldn’t that make a great present?” … The thought would pop in and out of my head depending on what I was doing at that particular point in time. I’ve been thinking about it so much, I finally decided I should share it with you all. Because who would not want a well groomed man for Christmas.

Mustache - Chivas - Binari

And shaving (one’s face) is such a uniquely masculine thing to do. Why shouldn’t we give the men in our lives the gift of a little male pampering.

Now if you don’t live in Milan you probably have never hear of the “Barbieria Colla”. But you do probably know that Milan is considered one of the fashion capitals on the world… La Barbieria Colla is to just where the most distinguished of those immaculately dressed Italians you see walking around the city center have been going to get their grooming done for the last 100 years. I’m talking politicians to actors from La Scala.

Barbieria Colla

The barbers have been using their special line of artisanal products for decades. However, until recently they weren’t available for sale. And now even more recently the products are available online.

Barbieria Colla - Gift Packs

You don’t even need to come to Milan to discover this unique bit of Italian excellence.

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