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c'era una volta una piada - una piadina

So I’m all about eating well. I do not believe in sacrificing quality just to have a budget meal. After all as my dad says “cheap thing ain’ good and good thing ain’ cheap”. Except every so often, someone or something comes around to break the rules. The following restaurants have come up with winning affordable options. Here within

Five of Milan’s best places to eat a filling meal under 10 euro.

I’m all about sustaining young entrepreneurs. So when I heard that a whole bunch of young adults got together to open a hip middle eastern eatery I knew I had to try it. I was so pleased with the quality of the food that NUN soon became one of my favorite quick bite spots. My favorite sandwich is the vegan wrap made with falafel, baba ganoush, Israeli salad, and caper berries. (5,40€). Your meat eating friends will also find a few tasty options… In the two years since NUN opened they have received numerous accolades from some of Italy’s food critiquing heavy weights like Gambero Rosso and now of course me.

Photo by Silvia from S'Notes blog

Photo of Nun by Silvia from S’Notes blog

Al Pizzetta
Milan is not known for its pizza by the slice or for its grab and go pizza joints. Which is probably why Al Pizzetta decided to open its doors, to fill a void in the milanese market. The owners came up with an ingenious way to ensure their pizzas are always piping hot,  while ensuring the right amount of variety for their customers. The guy in the back makes the dough all day long, and forms them into mono portion pan sized pizza molds. Toppings are added to order. My favorite is the salsiccia e friarelli pizza (2.50€). Aesthetically speaking the space is a pretty whole with a pretty read brick wall. It has a few stools on one side and counter/oven on the other. It’s also a great place to grab a bite before heading to the movies across the street.

al pizzetta - daily specials

Rost eat
As you walk in expect to see a whole bunch of people with multiple piercings, fish net stockings with wholes, dragon tattoos, plus a whole bunch people well below my current age group. But don’t be put off by the deviation from the standard Milanese chic attire. This place is frequented by lots of everyday “normal” people too, a few from age groups above my own, many of abruzzesi origin. Abruzzo is a region in central Italy. It holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. In part because it was the first place I lived in Italy. And because the typical/traditional dish from the region is arrosticini, thin lamb kabobs simply roasted over an open flame and dressed with a bit of salt and olive oil. (I love most things lamb.) Rost eat happens to have the best arrosticini I’ve had in Milan (5 kebobs for 4.50€). They also make a mean porchetta sandwich (5€) my favorite with roasted eggplant sotto olio (6.50€).

rost est milano - outside

Photo courtesy of Rost Eat’s facebook page


C’era una volta una piada
Here in Italy the talk is always about quality. You almost never hear anyone talking about something being the BIGGEST anything. Somehow the owners of “C’era…” forgot this and made these massive piadina that also happen to be ridiculously good. And to make the place all the more irresistible the average price tag for one of these almost too big to finish wraps is 5€. Needless to say the place is almost always packed, especially at lunch time. For those of you who don’t know almost all of Italy goes to lunch at 1pm. So if you want eat your piadina in relative calm, without having to elbow your way through a sea of hungry people, come a half an hour before or after than time frame. Side note: the decor of this place is a little quirky. It’s sort of run-down French Provincial meets young handsome Italian men making you food in ‘girly’ type peasant clothes. It’s kind of a hot mess, but in a good way.

c'era una volta una piada - logo

Bello & Buono
So you’re in Milan and you don’t have an Italian grandma, mom, aunt or uncle to cook you a mouthwatering southern Italian meal. No worries you can go to Bello e Buono (which translates into Pretty & Good) for a cheap and tasty Mediterranean meal. There is even a Zia (aunty) that works there. She’ll be more than happy to adopt you for a few minutes or hours and feed you her melanzane alla pargmigana (6€).  I had the panuozzo con salsiccia e friarielli (7.50€), a sandwich bread made out of pizza dough filled with sausage and rapini sprouts. And lets not forget the mozzarella made with buffalo’s milk (6€), delivered daily. Delicious!

bello e buono milano - outside


City Maps of these locations.

Special thanks to Silvia from S’notes for letting me use her beautiful photo of NUN http://www.s-notes.net/2013/04/nun-taste-of-middle-east.html

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