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I already liked the restaurant: sleek, clean, modern lines, gray color palate, plus wooden tables and lots of cushions that brought warmth to the space.

But, after one of the owners, Pier Giulio, came to our table and explained that he (Italian) opened the restaurant thanks to his wife, Lily, (foreigner) I was even more hooked. I was oohing and ahhing (in my head) as he spoke about her with loving admiration and their journey that eventually brought them to opening to 22 Milano.

Restaurant - 22 Milano


They were the most adorable couple. 22 Milano has their personas written all over it.

Pier Giulio perfectly fit the mold of the Northern Italian businessman: formal but still courteous, dressed in a well-made classic suit. Lily is from Taiwan (if I remember correctly). She’s a beautiful woman, tall and slender with thick long black hair. Lily moved around the restaurant with a quiet efficiency, presenting people their meals in English. I got a good laugh out of that one. I initially thought that she thought we were a table of foreigners. Instead, he explained that her Italians still isn’t so great, so she just speaks to the customers in English. The professional business men and women that frequent the space seem to enjoy the free English lesson with the meal.

Shrimp - 22 Milano

My first visit to 22 Milano was with Zomato that launched in Milan a few months ago. 22 Milano had organized a special six course seafood tasting menu for the occasion. The dishes ranged from down right spectacular, like the dish with raw shrimp, to others that were still good but nothing to right home about.

Since then I’ve visited the restaurant two more times for breakfast and aperitivo. So I could have a better understanding of the menu and service at the restaurant, even when the owners aren’t around. The staff was still attentive and friendly. The quality of the food was still good.

Tea time - 22 Milano

What I think I like the most about their menu is that it caters perfectly to a broad range of people without having too many things. Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options, all tasty. A wide variety of specialty coffees and loose leaf teas. House made desserts. Open everyday for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Cornetto - 22 Milano

They are right by the US Consulate in Milan so it’s a great place to visit before or after you go to the Consulate. They also organize lots of events (DJ sets, special guests chef etc) so check out their Facebook page to see what’s happening

22 Milano
via Principe Amedeo 2/7
22 Milano Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


*The photos within this post are mine. The cover page photo is from the 22 Milano website.

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