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Since crabs are in season there were quite a few lovely live specimens at the market. How could I resist? Unfortunately, the hubby wasn’t quite on board. Complaining about how these crabs didn’t have any meat in them… How they were just for flavoring things… What was I going to make with them? etc etc […]

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Bella Nashville - Pizzeria

The other fabulous thing about Nashville’s farmer’s market was all the ready made food stands.  Food purveyors ranged from a vintage styled cupcake stand to an incredibly appealing take-away Indian food restaurant. While surveying all the Market had to offer, I came across “Bella Nashville”, perhaps the BEST Naples style pizza I have ever had […]

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Nashville Tenessese - Farmer's Market

While I was looking forward to a trip to Paris, work had other plans for me. Instead I found myself in Nashville, Tennessee. I was not happy. Granted I had nothing against Nashville per say, it just wasn’t Paris, FRANCE! After much frowning and fretting, I did a bit of research and discovered that Nashville […]

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